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Begutachtete Zeitschriftenartikel (peer reviewed journal papers)

  1. Müller-Plath, G. & Klöckner, N. (2014). Exogenous attention can be counter-selective: onset cues disrupt sensitivity to color changes. Psychological Research, 78(2), 222–247.
  2. Peter, F., Dalbert, C., Klöckner, N., & Radant, M. (2013) Personal belief in a just world, experience of teacher justice, and school distress in different class contexts. European Journal of Psychology of Education., 28(4), 1221–1235.
  3. Peter, F., Klöckner, N., Dalbert, C., & Radant, M. (2012). Belief in a Just World, Teacher Justice, and Student Achievement: A Multilevel Study. Learning and Individual Differences, 22(1), 55–63.


Begutachtete Konferenzbeiträge (refereed conference abstracts and papers)

  1. Müller-Plath, G. & Klöckner, N. (2007). How does attentional capture affect target detection sensitivity and response bias? In: Perception, 36 (suppl.), p. 131.


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